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Why is he so pale? I don't understand why you've made him look like a white guy in a suit. Cute doll, but I don't think he looks like Obama...


P.S. I love all of your other dolls - so please don't think I'm just a meanie.


I like it! Very cool. You seldom see a knit doll with gravitas. I think it's in the mouth. :)

I tumbled you.


Cute doll and to me he does look like Obama. Not pale at all, it looks like his complexion.


Thank you so much for sharing the Obama pattern. It's perfect. You do beautiful work. I can't wait to get started.


Whole Hillary Clinton pattern will not print.......come out blank page


Regarding the Obama doll, I do not see the template for his hair. Is it there? If not can you please send it to me? Thanks, Elizabeth

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love all of your other dolls - so please don't think I'm just a meanie.

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brilliant found the pattern simply by chance im casting on the stitiches as we speak cant wait for the finished president

King of Jerks

This obama doll is... ...strange. Did you make this pattern or did you find it?


I wrote the pattern myself. I knitted this doll as a request 4 years ago. I gave it to my daughter's preschool, and they had an Inauguration for him.

Knitting anything political, even a doll, invites controversy, and I've certainly received my share of emails regarding this project. Most of the reaction has been good, but not surprisingly, some has been bad. It's not within my knitting abilities to create a perfect knitted likeness of our president, so I did the best I could. I'm glad so many people have enjoyed this pattern. If you don't like it? I invite you to knit your own improved version. Many people have! I love that! Or...don't knit it at all. It really doesn't matter to me.

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