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YES! This is awesome. You are full of WIN!


This is funny, did you read what your calculator says upside down? It kind of brings me back to 7th grade math! Wow - how easily I remember those days! I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I was a case study for what your calc says!! ha


Hi, love the pillow. However, I presume you mean to Knit 65 Rows and Knit 9 rows in Stockinet stitch -- the pictures show stockinet not 'knit rows'.


Very clever idea would be fun for any childs room love it.Post your link on my blog tues for others to come see it hugs ginger

the monkey's mama

Okay. I'm visiting from Sew Mama Sew and just now realized that it spelled boobies. HILARIOUS!


It's cute!


I love it! Would love to make one for my son, thanks for sharing the pattern.

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I just love the theme and the detail you went to. Everything was so well coordinated and looked so aestehtically pleasing to the eye. Such fun for a two year old.

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amazing stuff thanx :)

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YES! This is awesome. You are full of WIN!

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