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September 08, 2008


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lol. aw, poor Anne of Cleves looks a bit grumpy and frazzeled like the ugly kid on the playground...but it somehow makes her more endearing as well. i simply love the historical snippet you included in well. I am certainly learning much more through knitting than just how to manipulate stitches :).


I love her, she is so ugly she's cute. I am so impressed by these dolls.


I can't tell you how much I've been enjoying each new character.

I'm eager to see poor young Catherine Howard.


Love her! Her eyebrows and hair are great. This is such a fun series.


Cheerleader! So-And-So! What's-Her-Face!


The Ugly One!!!!


Fresh Tea

Another fantastic achievement, so loving your dolls! When you finish the set, you should make a coffee table story book with them all. I'd have to have it!!!


Wonder upon finding they weren't compatible, how she managed to keep her head and get a place to live in afterwards???

Great work by the way...awesome!

Good luck with Knitty....between now and Xmas is a longggg time.


ohhhh, she's awesome and pouty!

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