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September 30, 2008


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I wish I could go to the show. These are amazing. Very well done.


i wonder what henry VIII is thinking as he looks down from anglican heaven right now about your minimalization of his life and loves..???? what if he really was god's representative on earth, and he will get to judge who gets past the pearly gates..??!?! ahhh!!! i'm a sinner for even reading this blog..!!!

Cheryl S.

They're marvelous! I love Catherine's little hat.


They look really great together. I bet you are so pleased.
They would make a great little history book too - the kind of thing children would really learn from because they enjoy the pictures too - unlike many history books.



I am so excited to live in NYC so I can go see them in person! Great job. I'm a bit melancholy that you've finished knitting them all up, as your posts about them have been so enjoyable. Congratulations on completing the project


ohhhh, katie! not only are you talented and beautiful, but surprisingly industrious, as well! im proud to call you my knitta!


Fantastic! I hope I can make it to he show to see them in person.


absolutely beautiful! They are a work of art all standing togteher like that and you truly have the patience of a saint as well as the creativity of one! I am so thrilled that you have finished this project!!


I just followed your blog from Ravelry. I love all of your work and I am so happy that you are working on a book! Can't wait.


Katie, a big hello from your cousin Lisa in Lake City, Minnesota! Oh my goodness, your stuff is awesome! You are so creative. I love your Henry the VIII collection, the monster dolls are adorable too. Keep up the good work!

Fresh Tea

They are all amazing and very beautiful!

Heather Lambert

Absolutely spectacular! They are just beautiful. Congratulations on such a neat achievement!

that chick

that's so cool.


So well done!!


so cool


These are brilliant and hysterical and just downright impressive! Well done. I wish they were being mass produced so I could own a set. Please consider publishing a pattern.


Very cute! (Though Katharine of Aragon was actually blond.)


I will be blogging this amazing collection soon.
I hope that is okay.
I am blown away by the details of your work...
truly an act of patience and love!


These are absolutely awesome! I would totally buy the pattern if it was available!

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he will get to judge who gets past the pearly gates..??!?! ahhh!!! i'm a sinner for even reading this blog..!!!

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