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July 09, 2008


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Cheryl S.

This is just wonderful - I love it! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the series.


Wow! I love her; she's gorgeous. That is so clever.

Kendra B

That is 100% amazing! I am fascinated with Ann and her daughter Elizabeth. When my sister said you had created an Ann doll and eventually all of Henry's wives I was tickled pink! Great Job!


I'm SO looking forward to seeing all the dolls in the series! They are wonderfully adorable. Is there a Henry doll planned?


this is totally gorgeous. great work!


I laughed in delight when I saw this on the Craftzine blog - she's so sweet and darkly whimsical! I'll be keeping an eye out for Jane.

Ana Isabel

she is a true beauty! as someone who just finished watching the other Boleyn girl last week--the details are spot on--at least from what I can gather from the movie,etc. The detachable head is a hoot! I mean its kinda creepy--but its funny--weird. Ingenious--can't wait to see more of this series--


How FAB!! You should sell a whole era of patterns, I would be the first in line! Will keep my eyes peeled for further creations!


Will you be publishing the patterns in this series. I'd love to make them for my granddaughters!

Heather Lambert

Your doll is absolutely beautiful. I have always been fascinated with Anne Boleyn. I cannot wait to see the rest of your series and hope that you will someday share a basic pattern for the dolls. These would be great fun to make!


You can use the same concept with Cathrine Howard! You will probably have to change her hair color though....

I love it! I have been totally into Henry and his 6 wives lately. Read the other Boylen Girl and RE READ the Autobiography of Henry VIII by his fool. That was a beast of a book to get through, but I loved it.

Thanks for the preview!


I watched all seasons so far of The Tudors and am reading a book called The Autobiography of Henry VIII which is a well researched historical fiction novel. So I am very into the story and his wives and this is hilarious. I am also a knitter.

Geri Zagorianos

Do you have a pattern for this doll???


she turned out super and i enjoyed reading about her :D


This is wonderful! Makes me want to be able to knit more than a scarf! Thank you for sharing. :-)


She is brilliant! I've worked on a cross stitch series of Henry VIII and his wives, but this is a lot more fun. I look forward to when you release the pattern! Wonderfully creative work.


I just love your Tudor family! I very much look forward to seeing Henry VIII! I am currently reading a book about Mary Stuart, Elizabeth's rival, so it fits.

Crafts by Alice

I have always been so fascinated by British monarchy and especially the Tudors. I absolutely love your knitted dolls, and Anne with the detachable head is awesome! Will you be knitting an Elizabeth one as well?


I am so jealous! As a child I was obsessed with Anne Boleyn and to have a knit version, well, this is too cool!

Susan Ward

Oh, my. Is it wrong that I want the pattern so I can knit up a Marie Antoinette? Just call me a modern day Terese DeFarge.

Ann Boland

I am obsessed with Anne Boleyn, also. My name says it all.


Please let me know when you release the pattern!


i was curious as to whether or not you'd be merchandising your "henry VIII and his wives"?

The Anne Boleyn Files

I love it, such a good idea!


Wow, this was posted some time ago. Is it wrong for me to still be hopeful for a detachable head Boleyn doll?

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