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June 29, 2008


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Oh. Wow.

I am so amazed by your daring knitting quest to knit all of Henry's wives! Firstly, because your attention to detail is so immaculate. I simply love her little dress with the scalloped edging and matching empire belt and embroidered flower. Secondly, because the histories of Henry's wives are so colorful and tragic. Even as a teenager, I loved watching documentaries on Henry VIII. Please keep us updated on your progress :).


Katherine is great, she is totally tudor!
That Henry VIII was a swine wasn't he - we did the period of history when I did my A'levels, and I enjoyed it despite failing the history exam!



:) this made me smile. i love the little crown.


What a great idea! I Love Tudor history and have knit the Katherine of Aragon sweater from Alice Starmore Tudor Roses - want to knit the rest when I can afford the yarn and have the time! I am looking forward to seeing all six wives. You are awesome!



I'm obsessed with the Tudors. Truly a case where fact is better than fiction - if you pitched that story to a movie producer you'd be laughed out of the studio. I just love all the personalities involved, and these dolls are just delicious! Can't wait to see what you do with Anne of Cleves!


Katherine of Aragon, in spite of being Spanish, did not have black hair. She had reddish hair.


These are inspired and wickedly funny! I love her and her rival, Anne. Brava!


The expert should always list his or her credentials and go into as much detail about who they are and what makes them so knowledgeable.

Jordan 11

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