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March 29, 2008


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This really made me smile. We used to snigger when we did this as kids. I could totall see this is somewhere like habitat or the early learning centre (both UK based I think). Have you approached any major retailers with this? Just a thought.



boobies. that's funny. cute pillow.


so cute! i want to make one! : )


As a (near-future)mathematician, I think this is an excellent project and you can bet your boobies I'll have boobies in my living room soon.


Love this! I am going to start working on one for my boyfriend right now. He is a TPA so he loooooves calculators!

Emma H.

very cool. btw I love you banner!!! It's adorable

beth b.

ahhhahaha....i still do that.

i'm 34.

although I use the 8 for so it's in all caps.
tee hee


Fantastic! This knitter-physicist definitely approves. :-)

nihal --turkey

very nıce

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That is a cool calculator. I like how it says "boobies" ;-)

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I use the 8 for so it's in all caps.

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Love this! I am going to start working on one for my boyfriend right now. He is a TPA so he loooooves calculators!

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